Advertise a Wedding Venue

Advertise a Wedding Venue

How to advertise your Wedding Venue
Do you own or manage a UK Wedding Venue?
Do you want to publicise your Wedding Venue to our visitors for FREE?

Our Wedding Venue site is so new, that we’ve only just binned the bubble wrap (!) and now we are looking for UK based Wedding Venues to list with us and give our visitors the opportunity to review.
Thanks to the growth of popular websites like Expedia and TripAdvisor, more and more people are utilising the internet as a means of finding reviews for all manner of goods and services. The sole purpose of “Wedding Reception Venue” is to allow Brides and Grooms to review their choice of Wedding Venue in order to give an accurate and honest picture of their Wedding Day when held at a particular venue of their choosing.

Nothing sells, a Wedding Venue more to an interested client than an independent testimonial from a previous client who has actually used that Venue for their own Wedding reception. Review sites on all manner of subjects, are fast becoming the vogue of the internet and we hope that as our site grows in popularity, we can also share its success with you by sending you the targeted traffic that your business deserves.

Currently, listing here is FREE – no catches and no scam. The internet is a powerful medium for advertising, and where else can you get 24/7 worldwide advertising with no expiry? Its even more attractive when the opportunity is offered to you Free of charge!

All you need to do in order to get your Wedding Venue listed is to suggest your venue to us, and at the same time, provide us with a unique article which sells and markets your Wedding Venue to a client who has arrived here looking for a suitable Wedding Venue in which to hold their Wedding Reception.

Your article should be as descriptive as possible and include the type of Wedding Venue (i.e. Hotel, Country House, Inn, etc) and all of the features of interest to Wedding clients, such as any gardens or other opportunities for Wedding Photography, Marquee Facilities, Wedding Catering, Location etc.
Basically, we want you to write your content in exactly the same style as you would write an expensive advertisement for a Wedding magazine. However, unlike ‘paid for’ advertising, there is no maximum number of words and the more you write about your wedding venue the greater your chances of your wedding venue being found on Google and other search engines, capturing the attention of our visitors.

Ideally, we recommend a description of your venue / services to be between 400 and 600 words in total, and no less than 150 words.
“A picture paints 1000 words”, and even more so when it comes to Weddings. As well as your article you will need to provide us with the URL of an image of your venue to be used at the top of your listing. This URL must lead to an image which is already on your website, the photo can be of the outside of your wedding venue or the layout inside the actual function or Ceremony room. (Or ask us to choose a suitable photo from your site for you).

And finally, don’t forget to include the actual website address (URL) of your Website, so we can send you some of our visitors!

So, here is the checklist of what you need to send us in order to get your Wedding Venue listed on ‘Wedding Reception Venue’

(1) A detailed description / article describing your Wedding Venue in detail, listing all of the reasons which would make a Wedding Client want to hold their Wedding Reception in your Venue. This article should be no less than 150 words, and ideally should be between 400 and 600 words for maximum coverage.

(2) The URL to a picture which appears on your Website already (or just ask us to choose a suitable one from your website for you) . This picture will be used at the top of your listing and also on the front page of our site

(3) The URL of your Venue website. We supply a live link from every ‘Review’ which a visitor can click in order to visit your own website.

Please use the form below to send us details of your venue and the advertising content.


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We will manually review your listing and add it to our website, usually within 24 – 48 hours.

Don’t forget, once you have listed your Wedding Venue and it appears here on ‘Wedding Reception Venue’ – don’t forget to invite your previous clients to write their own reviews of your venue, which will then appear under your listing.

We also understand that ‘review’ sites can be mis-used, and that some competitors can (and do) write adverse or wholly negative reviews in order to unfairly win business away from other venues in the area. Whilst it is not possible logistically to individually check the integrity of everybody submitting a review, we do log the IP address of every client submitting a review and manually read and approve all reviews prior to appearing on our website, and we will hold any review from publication which is openly abusive, defamatory, misleading or where we believe that it has been written with commercial Bias or any excessive negativity or malicious intent.
We may, also, from time to time, contact a small random sample of those submitting a review and invite them to submit a booking confirmation or some other proof that they have actually been a genuine client of a particular venue, in order to enable us to maintain some level of authenticity and credibility for the site.

Our mission is to create a website containing fair and accurate reviews from previous wedding clients, who wish to leave feedback to enable other potential clients to choose a wedding venue which is most suitable to their individual needs.